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The Different Types Of Garage Doors

here are a number of different garage doors that you can choose from. However it usually comes down your personal preferences above all else. Here are the different types of Garage Doors that you can choose from.

Overhead Doors
These are one of the most popular among garage doors. Given the name "Overhead" because they are lifted by a track or rail until the ceiling is horizontal with the door. They come in many different materials and are available in both automatic and manual. Hence you have a number of different options to choose from.

Fire Rated Doors
Fire rated doors operate almost similarly to roll up doors. They are also moved up and down manually or by the use of a motorized equipment. The main difference is that they offer greater protection as compared to most standard roll up doors. The reason being that they are manufactured from a thick, durable stainless steel that is fire resistant, noise resistant, and provides great insulation. These doors are flexible and durable above all else and hence there applications are usually in industries or areas which have heavy machinery or construction equipment.

Roll Up Doors
These doors, as the name itself suggests, roll up in to a single coil when they are moved up. In the case of roll up doors the slats are much thinner as compared to an overhead door to enable maximum flexibility so that it can roll with no difficulty. Roll up doors are best for situations where rails for overhead doors either interfere or there is no place for rails like a wide open warehouse. You will usually find them in the employment of most logistics company and that is because these doors provide convenience and durability above all else.

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