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Manual Garage Door Installation

Are you still stuck in the past and prefer to keep things simple and effective, and due to this reason still rely on a manual garage door? You might be thinking that you are the only one, but trust me you are not alone. There is a reason why the use of wooden garage doors hasn’t died down completely. The most prominent one being – they are extremely convenient and easy to install. Testament to this is the fact that you can probably install a manual door yourself. Here is how you go about doing it.

  • The flag bracket should be connected in a horizontal angle with a jamb.
  • Torsion tubs and springs should be connected to their respective brackets.
  • Measure the release of the springs and tighten torsion tubes
  • Make sure you secure both the left and right drum
  • Wind the spring, and attach the tube retainer

These are some basic instructions, and you should bear in mind the fact that the results can vary according to the level of your skills.  There are a number of reasons of why you might prefer a manual door rather than an automatic one. The chief one being the fact that motors on an automatic door can be hijacked. The advancements made i9n the field of technology mean that this scenario in the past couple of years has become a stark reality. This act constitutes a serious breach of security, and can be a cause for major concern for your family.

Wooden doors are a timeless classic, and at times having them can be a safe and cost effective option. If you want help installing garage doors give Abstract Doors a call. They have years of experience doing work of a similar nature, and are trusted to do the most professional work.

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